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Which countries do you ship to?

Kraton Machinery has been in business for almost 20 years; Chances are that you are living in one of the 29 countries that we have serviced; Get in touch with us to check if we already have a representative close to your location. 

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of our business, our machinery are non-refundable; However, we provide top-notch warranty service and can answer any question within 24 hours;

How long does a quotation take

We take our time to understand the customers' requirement and only send a quotation after we make sure that our machinery fits the expectations. After a short discussion with our sales engineer, you will receive a quotation within 24hours;

I have never used LSR Machinery but I want to start;

We can offer one-stop-shop services; You only need the plan and we can assist you through every step of product design, mould design, machinery selection as well as the purchasing process. 

How does Kraton Machinery compare to other suppliers on price?

It is very difficult to compare since every supplier offers certain value for a certain price. However, our prices will be typically 30-50% lower than what you would get for similar machinery in North America and Europe.

As compared to Chinese suppliers, we value the quality standard, rapid response and professional service and thus, we choose not to compete on price.

What are the lead-times for delivery?

We generally start delivering within 60 calendar days after paying the deposit. In very special cases, we do offer some flexibility to our customers and sometimes we may even have certain machine models in stock. Get in touch with us to check on the latest LSR machinery stock list;

I have a special requirement for my project

Kraton Machinery is well known for being able to provide a custom solution to our customers; If your LSR project has some special requirements, we are able to adapt the machinery to your needs;

Can I customize the colours?

We understand that customers do not design their workshops according to our designs, reason why we can paint the machinery according to your requirements; 

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