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Injection moulding Silicone Rubber for Baby Care Products

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

The typical liquid silicone rubber required in the baby care industry, such as baby nipples, pacifiers, toothbrush and other products for infants needs to be food grade and meet higher standards than other silicones; Whether you are using silicone rubber from companies such as Wacker, Momentive, Elkem or other suppliers from China, the material needs to reach the following properties:

  1. High transparency

  2. Very good tear strength (Higher than 35KN/m)

  3. Excellent resilience

  4. Great heat stability and weatherability (Resist to -60°C to 250°C)

  5. Good Anti-yellowing property

  6. Heat-ageing resistance

  7. Comply with the right standards (usually USA CFR21.Part.177.2600 and Chapter 4.9 Test Standards for Volatile Compound of EN14350-2 as well as the EU RoHS Standard)

Our recommendation for making pacifiers and nipples for babies in the 1 to 12 months age range should have a hardness of 40-80 shore A, should be mixed on a 1:1 ratio and moulded at 150°C. The silicone supplier can usually assist you in adjusting the viscosity, hardness and appearance. If you need assistance choosing the right material for your Kraton Machine, you can always get in touch with us and we will provide you some solutions shortly.

You should also keep in mind that after the AB components, you should use the silicone material within 5 days if the temperature is under 20°C and even faster if the temperature is above that;

For full automatic production of baby products (nipples, pacifiers, bottles, etc) you can choose our KT-VC Series; It is the total solution for any workshop, equipped with a Kraton Machinery dosing pump but can also work with metering systems from other brands;

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