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KTVK Series: Dual Station Multi Purpose Machine for HTV/LSR Molding

KTVK 85-200T

Dual-Station multi-purpose silicone molding machine. It can work with both solid and liquid silicone rubber.

  • Best-in-class production efficiency, with integrated dual station molding, operated by independent control systems for double capacity.

  • Fast mold opening cycle; the mold design for liquid silicone rubber molding is very simple and cost-efficient;

  • Can use existing liquid silicone rubber molds, but can also be paired with compression molding molds and converted for LSR;

  • Using injection molding will increase production efficiency;

  • Unique machine design and features;

  • Optionally, it can choose solid and liquid silicone rubber injection molding at the same time to achieve very smooth material transition and conversion;

  • Double KEBA control panel with wide range of HMI panels with keyboard, single- or multitouch operation;

  • Made with high end Mazak CNC machining and high-quality plastic and alloy materials including magnesium, mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and titanium as well as rigid engineering grade plastic resins.

  • Can be used for manufacturing products in any industry. From medical products, automotive parts, electronic parts, kitchenware, face mask, goggles, seals, gaskets, consumer products, insulators, sex toys and many others;

  • ISO Certification and visual quality standards.

  • Kraton designed and patented vertical injection molding technology;

  • For best results, we recommend to pair it with one of our complementary LSR material dosing system.

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