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Rapid tooling

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Mould design

Tool Making

Mould testing

Your Reliable Partner for Precision LSR Injection Moulding

Toolmaking Service

Kraton Machinery has the equipment, the skills and the experience to assist you in all the steps of product design and production. Once you get in touch with us, we will assign a master toolmaker to assist you in designing the perfect mould for your silicone injection project. 


We are well experienced and provide very fast service for mould design encompassing multiple purposes such as:

- Overmolding

- Multiple cavities

- Inserts

Material Verification

In order to assure our customers get the perfect material grades, we use spectrophotometry and X-Ray Fluorescence to inspect the perfect molecular composition of our materials. We comply to the standard tolerances defined by DIN-2768-1-fine, but we can always adopt new standards at our customers' requests.

*We only manufacture moulds for silicone injection moulding to support our Kraton Machinery customers. Please note that this service is not standalone and does not apply to customers with machines from other brands.

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